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Msp foundation

MSP® is to programmes what PRINCE2 is to projects. It is focused on managing a group of coordinated projects in the delivery of a common goal. A programme managed with MSP® provides harmonious integration with its component projects managed at PRINCE2 level. A programme exists to realize benefits and achieve strategic objectives. To enable this within the method there are Flows and Themes. MSP® provides the link between the stimulus for business change, the projects delivering required output, and the operational area where changes take place.

Type de formation Klassikale opleiding
Groupe-cible ou niveau d'admission
The course is of considerable value to most working in business, particularly to anyone in an organisation where change is taking place. It is designed for those who require an introduction to the MSP® method. This is clearly suited to any who are involved with programmes, who wish to play a more effective part in these programmes, and who need to better understand the mechanism of successful programme management.
Langue En
Durée 2 days
Dates de la formation Date de début: 8/06/2020   Date de fin: 9/06/2020
Durée Voormiddag, namiddag
Plage horaire En matinée de 09:00  à  12:30
L'après-midi de 13:30  à  17:00
Lieu de la formation In opleidingsbedrijf
B2B Learning
Avenue Louise 66
1050 Brussels
Nombre max. de participants 12
Heures d'auto-apprentissage zelf te kiezen
Attestation/diplôme Oui
Prix individuel € 1550 TVA excl.
Prix de groupe A convenir
Réduction -
Société B2B Learning
Téléphone +32 2 335 12 36
Localité 1050 - Brussels
Site Web
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