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People management training (leadership basics)

As a professional, achieving results is very important. It's often necessary to call on employees to help you out, but at the same time those employees can also create certain challenges for you. How do you make a close team out of a group of people? How do you motivate and guide them to perform even better? 'People management training' familiarises you with the complexity of working relationships. You will learn about the ingredients that create successful leadership, an optimal working climate and ‘winning teams’. Models based on practical cases and numerous practical tips mean that you will

Type de formation Klassikale opleiding
Groupe-cible ou niveau d'admission
new managers who are preparing for a position of leadership managers who require a framework that will enable them to be more conscious about providing leadership managers from the business world, the non-profit sector or public services who work in both small and large organisations
Langue En
Durée 4
Dates de la formation Date de début: 30/04/2020   
Plage horaire
Lieu de la formation Autre adresse:
Bluepoint Brussels
A. Reyerslaan 80
1030 Brussel
Nombre max. de participants 20
Heures d'auto-apprentissage -
Attestation/diplôme Non
Prix individuel € 2381 TVA excl.
Prix de groupe Seul prix individuel possible
Réduction -
Société Kluwer Opleidingen / Formations
Téléphone + 32 15 45 34 30
Localité 2800 - Mechelen
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