ING - Learning Architect

Are you looking for a position in which you can reinvent Learning and Development in an agile world and accelerate the growth of your colleagues? Then spend a few minutes to read further.

What would a typical day in the life of a Learning Architect look like?

That’s a tricky question because there is no such thing as a standard day at ING. However, the following description might give you an idea of what to expect.

On Monday morning, you arrive at the office and while your laptop is starting up you get a coffee and have a chat with your colleagues about the weekend. You get ready for your stand-up meeting with your squad, where everybody gives an update on projects, progress and impediments. After this you make some time to focus as you are preparing a demo of a new learning solution that you will be showcasing later that day. You think about an appealing storyline and come up with some points you would like to get feedback on.

Time for lunch. Together with your colleagues you grab a salad and enjoy this outside in the Wellbeing area, Belgian weather permitting. When a colleague challenges you to a game of table football, you happily accept.

It’s 1 pm and demo time. You successfully deliver your pitch and get valuable feedback which helps you to further fine tune your approach. Later in the afternoon you meet up with an HR Business Partner who wants to discuss a request for a learning solution that was raised in his department. Together, you identify the underlying business need and you ask for the necessary information to perform a business case and learning needs analysis. Afterwards it’s time to invest in your own personal development. You have a look at LinkedIn and catch up with what thought leaders are sharing in the area of Learning and Development. There is an interesting webinar coming up for which you enroll. To finish the day you take some time to reply to e-mails and you double check whether your Thalys ticket for Amsterdam is booked, since you will be travelling later that week. Before you head home, you pop by the in-house gym for an energising work-out to round off a productive day!

Who are we looking for?
  • You have a passion for lifelong learning and are keen to solve complex questions in this area.

  • You are flexible and see change as an opportunity rather than a threat. You feel comfortable not having all the answers but are confident you can find them yourself and in collaboration with others.

  • You are a ‘people person’ and easily connect both within ING as externally.

  • You have excellent communication and listening skills.

  • You don’t do ‘HR for HR’ but always have the wider business impact in mind.

  • You are fluent in English and Dutch or French (written and verbally).

  • You don’t settle for average but strive for the best.

  • You have a good business acumen and well-developed consulting skills.

  • You have a Master degree and a minimum of 5 years relevant work experience.

  • Ideally you have experience in an international corporate (matrix) environment.


It takes two to tango, so what can you expect from us?

When you think ‘bank’, do you think suits, ties and boring boardrooms? Think again. Because at ING, we see things a little bit differently. The banking industry is evolving and there has never been a more interesting time to be part of it. We want to make life simpler and more worthwhile – for everyone who banks with us, for the people who work with us, and the community at large too.

When you come to work at ING, you’re joining a team where individuality isn’t just accepted, it’s encouraged. We’ve built a culture that’s fun, friendly and supportive – it’s the kind of place where you can be yourself and make the most of whatever you have to offer. As a Learning Architect you are a member of the Center of Expertise (CoE) Talent and Learning for Market Leaders covering Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. The CoE’s core ambition is to improve the craftsmanship of our people. Or in other words: supporting them to become a more awesome version of their already awesome self.

We practice what we preach, so you will have ample opportunities to develop your personal craftsmanship, ensuring a steep learning curve. Not only in the area of HR and Learning, but also with regards to capabilities that are critical for ING, such as our agile way of working, customer experience and data fluency.

We give people the freedom to take risks, think differently, take ownership of their work and make great things happen. We’re here to help you get ahead. And with our global network, there’s plenty of scope to take your career in new directions, perhaps even ones you’ve never considered.

Your home base will be Brussels but since we are working closely together with our Dutch colleagues, you will travel to Amsterdam on a regular basis. We promote travel by public transport (Thalys) as much as possible, as this is beneficial for your carbon footprint and gives you the opportunity to use your travel time efficiently. In addition, flexible working is part of our DNA.

We embrace diversity and have a great mix of backgrounds, cultures and opinions, so that everyone with a passion for learning and improvement is welcome.

Sound like the kind of place you’d feel at home? We’d love to hear from you:



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