Leerlijn 2: Keynotes

! INFO 2017 !

Nieuw in de 2017-editie is dat het aantal keynotes verdubbeld wordt van 3 naar 6. Zoals je ondertussen gewoon bent lieten we 3 internationale domein-autoriteiten overvliegen.

De anderen zijn de 3 winnaars van het L&D Boek van het jaar, verkozen tijdens het dedicated event #lerenuitboeken.

Een van de internationale keynotes is Crystal Kadakia (USA), two-time TEDx speaker en specialiste in 'Gen Z leren'. 'Connecting #Millennial behavior to #futureofwork & #employeeengagement' is haar specialiteit.

13h20-14h20 - Crystal Kadakia - Deciphering the Millennial Learner

We often make assumptions on what Millennial and Gen Z learners want and need to be engaged in learning. Wearing the “digital native” lens is a challenge for experienced training designers. To make matters more complicated, with increasing diversity and the technological tools available today, learners expect customizable learning options that cater to their individual personality styles. How can we leverage our expertise to designing engaging modern learning?

Learning objectives:

  • Explore the myths surrounding Millennial/Gen Z learners
  • Provide an overview of the Modern Learning Design Process to share a methodology that allows one to design for cross-generational cultures.
  • Share the most pertinent challenges for learning & development based on the psyche/behavior of Millennial/Gen Z individuals
Stimulearner Kathleen interviewt Crystal

De Zuid-Afrikaanse Chené Swart is experte in storytelling en diversiteit en was reeds in ons land ter gelegenheid van hetinternationale Appreciative Inquiry -congres in Gent. Haar verhaal werd ons ingefluisterd door Griet Bouwen die in de eerste editie van de L&D Talks (2011) een erg gewaardeerde keynote bracht.

14h40-15h40 - Chené Swart - Unothering the other, a narrative diversity and inclusion lens on learning and development

As a South African citizen, I come from a country where diversity is a given, a country of 11 official languages and many more cultural expressions. I have had the privilege to journey with various organisations in diversity and inclusion journeys which has been as wild and wonderful as the beloved country I call home.

We live in a world where the “other” be it in age, gender, sexual orientation, race, privilege, class and ability has often become the enemy or the stranger by mere difference. Our narratives of the other has been shaped and formed by our various contexts, experiences and relationships and when employees enter the workspace, these narratives enter with us, even beyond what we think about inclusion and equality, respect and dignity.

This interactive session will explore the skills that you will need as a learning and development professional to create environments in organisations to learn and develop both the capacity to unother the other as well as lead and develop teams and organisations that can harvest the gifts of diversity and employ the practices of welcome that lead to inclusion.

Stimulearner Ann interviewt Chené

De derde keynote is Margie Meacham (USA). Margie is een autoriteit in 'Leren en het Brein' ... wordt vervolgd ... Zij komt een vervolg breien aan de 'L&D Talk' van Jacques Fradin in 2016, maar dan uit Angelsaksische hoek.

16h00-17h00 - Margie Meacham - Changing the Way We Learn – The Coming Educational Singularity

While some science fiction depicts a world where intelligent robots rebel and overthrow their human masters, the more likely scenario is a world where human beings interface with computers, digital assistants and other technologies virtually seamlessly, changing just about everything we know about work today. Also unlike science fiction, this world is only a few years, perhaps a decade away. Are you ready for the educational singularity? What does it look like and what skills will you need as a learning professional in this brave new world? This interactive session focuses on advances in science and technology that are happening today and we can expect those changes to affect talent development in our very near future. You will come away with at least three actions to begin today to develop the skills you will need in a world of augmented intelligence, brain-to-pc interfaces and more.

At the start of this presentation, participants will be transported to the year 2027, where they will observe how training, learning and performance support have evolved, in response to advances in Artificial and Augmented Intelligence that have "occurred" over the past decade. After that eye-opening beginning, Margie Meacham will walk back the clock, explaining why she expects these advances to take place and what the learning professional can do today to prepare for the coming "educational singularity." In addition to the technology mentioned in the title, this presentation will also address related subjects like biometrics, machine learning and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) of the brain. In an interactive activity, learning professionals will be challenged to envision a new world, based on the information provided in the presentation. Participants will come away with an understanding of role technology is already taking in transforming the way we learn and be more prepared to embrace their role in that transformation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain how the technology ecosystem of today is physically changing our brains and preparing our species for a very near future of learning that is assisted and enhanced through the use of “smart” machines, brain-to-computer interfaces and advanced digital personal assistants.
  • Identify how these technological advances will change the way people work, communicate and learn and how these changes will, in turn, change the way we train and develop human capital.
  • List at least three actions that can be taken today to develop the skills that will be required to be a learning professional in the next decade.
Stimulearner Katelijn interviewt Margie

De vierde, vijfde en zesde keynote zijn de auteurs-winnaars van het L&D/HR Boek van het jaar. Zij brengen parallel met de 3 internationale sprekers elk een keynote.

Deze 3 sprekers werden gekozen uit volgende 12:

  1. Luk Dewulf, auteur van Stop Burn Out.
  2. Ralf Knegtmans, auteur van Agile Talent.
  3. Brigitte Ballings, auteur van Een stap terug.
  4. David Ducheyne, auteur van Duurzaam Leiderschap.
  5. Gwen Fontenoy, auteur van Oneindige organisaties.
  6. Piet Verhoeve & Helga Deschrijver, auteurs van Win-winnovatie – innoveren door samenwerking.
  7. Marcel Hendrickx, auteur van Zeg me dat ik oké ben.
  8. Philippe Bailleur, auteur van Trauma in Organisaties.
  9. Bart De Bondt, auteur van Change@work.
  10. Jessica van Wingerden, auteur van Pep Talk.
  11. Ivo Brughmans, auteur van Paradoxaal leiderschap.
  12. Luc Chalmet, auteur van Mijn inbox is vol.