Agile Project Management® (Practitioner certificate + exam)

Structured project management is rapidly becoming a top priority for businesses. Unfortunately, many methods and frameworks overemphasise recordkeeping and documentation or lack proper governance. Agile Project Management allows enterprises to transparently deliver projects to high standards at a fast pace while flexibly adapting to change and empowering stakeholders. The Agile Project Management® Practitioner Course is a follow-up to the Foundation course. It uses hands-on, practical activities and case studies to give participants the tools they need to analyse projects and efficiently apply the Agile Project Management method. The exam voucher at the end of the course gives you the chance to earn your Agile Practitioner Level Certification.

Type de formation
Virtual classroom
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22/11/2023  à 09:00
Durée formation
3 jours
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€ 1550 TVA excl.
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Agile Project Management® (Practitioner certificate + exam)

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