Certified Scrum Product Owner®

>> Sign up for the summer edition of this training, and receive free Apple AirPods! Terms and conditions on this page . Agile and Scrum project management are proven frameworks for delivering products that maximise business value at a minimal cost. And that’s why this two-day NCOI Learning's Scrum certification course focuses on helping you become a great Scrum Product Owner. Find out how to boost teamwork to give customers the product they really need by learning to plan realistic and reliable projects, manage requirements, and partner efficiently with stakeholders in a Scrum environment. This interactive course introduces you to Agile, Lean, and Scrum principles and gives you the opportunity to practice implementing them. It combines theory, pra
Type de formation
Virtual classroom
Date de début
12/06/2023  à 09:00
Durée formation
3 jours
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€ 1520 TVA excl.
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Certified Scrum Product Owner®

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