Certified ScrumMaster® (English training course)

Delivering quality products in short sprints and rapidly receiving feedback that immediately shows whether you are doing well: that is what you can learn in this course via the Scrum method. You will quickly get a clear picture of the progress via short lines, fast communication and teamwork. You get to know the in's and out's of what the role of ScrumMaster entails so that you are perfectly prepared for the Scrum exam and for the next step in your career! 1250 certified participants | Satisfaction score of 9.6/10 | Certified by Scrum Alliance ® Do you want to lead a scrum team but do not know how to meet the new expectations? Do your current projects always fall short in terms of time, money and quality? Is there not really an efficient, productive scrum operation in your organisation? Is the project focus often changed? Are the products not
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Formation collective classique
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2 jours
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Date de début: 14/09/2023  à 09:00
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Leonardo Da Vincilaan 25 
1831 Diegem
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€ 1520 TVA excl.
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NCOI Learning

Certified ScrumMaster® (English training course)

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