Prana Mental Excellence

Prana wishes companies to experience that their output can strongly be raised by integrating unique Selfcoaching® techniques as the basis for all employees. We experience that due to stress and conditionings 90% of the employees only use 50% of their capabilities. From this point of view we apply our Selfcoaching® techniques to achieve better personal development, communication and teambuilding. The vast majority of people do not exploit a huge part of their total capacity. This is the case in mental functioning (at-tention, concentration, memory, problem-solving ability and creativity), as well as for social interaction (being assertive, speaking in front of a group, dealing with conflicts, negotiation, communicating with others, positive stress management,...). It is our mission to let everyone experience how they can obtain much more from themselves. A good theoretical basis is necessary, but needs to be translated each time in a creative way to real business cases.
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