Wij bouwen heden hard aan het programma van 24/10/19. Onderstaande sprekers werden reeds geboekt. Suggesties welkom !

De info hieronder betreft het event 2018.

Nieuw in de 2018-editie is dat het aantal keynotes uitgebreid wordt naar 9. Zoals je ondertussen gewoon bent lieten we 6 internationale domein-autoriteiten overvliegen. De andere 3 zijn de winnaars van het L&D Boek van het jaar die elk zowel in de voor- als namiddag spreken.

The first international keynote is Andy Lancaster (UK). He has more than 25 years’ experience in learning and organisational development in commercial, technological and not-for-profit organisations and has also worked in a consultancy role. As Head of Learning and Development Content at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Andy is responsible for professional development and learning products, digital content and qualifications for L&D, coaching and mentoring, management and leadership and business psychology. Andy regularly speaks at conferences, write articles on behalf of CIPD and is the co-author of the “Webinars Pocketbook”. He is also an avid Tweeter being found on Twitter at @AndyLancasterUK!

09h05 - 10h00: Andy Lancaster - Future focused learning - How L&D practice and roles must change

In a world in which the nature of work, the workplace and workforce are transforming at a relentless pace, organisations must respond to change.

The ability for organisations to successfully evolve is ultimately determined by the capability of their staff. Transformation of the organisation is inextricably linked to the transformation of individuals.

For that to be a reality effective learning has to be at the core and that requires a revolution in L&D thinking and practice.

This session explores how L&D activities and teams must evolve if they are to be effective and relevant.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe key changes in work, the workforce and workplace which impact learning
  • Explore 10 key practice shifts that L&D functions and professionals must embrace
  • Define key skills and capability gaps within L&D teams
  • Recognise new roles and tasks that L&D teams must undertake

Lisa De Schrijver (Student Leren & Ontwikkelen UA) interviewde Andy ter voorbereiding van de L&D Talks. Je kan het interview ook lezen in Leren & Ontwikkelen editie 10/09/18.

The second keynote is Maike Küper (DE). Maike is an HR Innovation Consultant and Design Thinking Facilitator. She facilitates teams and supports projects who want to work in a human-centered and creative way - generating innovative, meaningful ideas and changing work culture at the same time. She will talk about the value of empathy and why starting with the user and working iteratively saves a lot of time and frustration. We are happy having her bring a non-anglo-saxon keynote. Follow @MkKueper on Twitter.

10h20 - 11h15: Maike Küper - Design Thinking: User-centered innovation for a new employee experience

Most innovative companies focus on improving their customer experience in order to be competitive and have customers come back to them. But have you thought about the experience of your internal customers – your employees?

In this talk, I’ll introduce you to Design Thinking as a user-centered approach you can’t only use for creating great new products, but also for improving your employee experience. How is the satisfaction with your internal processes? How long does it take to hire something new, and how do you make everyone feel in the process? These things matter, and if you want to keep your employees motivated and attract new ones, you’d better not always put your external customers first. The catch: Happy employees automatically make for more happy customers.

Learning objectives:

  • Get to know the Design Thinking process and mindset
  • Understand the value of user centricity
  • See examples of applied Design Thinking in various fields

Geert Nijs interviewde Maike ter voorbereiding van de L&D Talks. Het verslag staat ook in Leren & Ontwikkelen editie 10/06/18. Geert werkte al samen met Maike.

Third keynote Jo Cook (UK) is Director of her company Lightbulb Moment, which specialises in developing, facilitating and training others to deliver great live online training sessions, virtual classrooms, webinars and blended, digital programmes. Jo has a background in teaching, technology and journalism. She passionately facilitates, speaks, including keynote for Colleges Wales in March 2017, writes, blogs and tweets on L&D topics and part-time is the Deputy Editor of Training Journal magazine and website. Jo’s background includes further and higher education, the charity sector, small and large organisations, including CNN News and Bupa International. Follow @LightbulbJo on Twitter.

11h35 - 12h30: Jo Cook - Learning in the future: Digital Body Language

In times past we used to deliver face to face and see people, hear them and interpret their physical body language. So many people now are worried about the lack of face to face, but with geographical distance we need to ensure that we can provide learning and support for people remotely.

Digital Body Language is getting to know people through their words, emoticons, activities in platforms and systems, through Skype and so many other ways of working. The new world is remote, digital, volatile and we need to make sure that we deconstruct how we normally support people's learning performance by reading their digital body language. Join Jo Cook to understand how body language isn't the be all and end all of communication and how understanding people in different ways is key to the future!

Learning objectives:

  • Unpack why face to face body language really isn't all it's cracked up to be
  • What to look for in the digital body language of the future
  • How to build opportunities for digital body language and capitalise on it

Sandra De Milliano interviewde Jo ter voorbereiding van de L&D Talks. Het verslag staat in Leren & Ontwikkelen editie 10/06/18. Sandra heeft zelf veel ervaring met Virtual Training.

Leif Sørensen (DK) is travelling the world to develop a network of people, who all share a vision of changing the world through workplace learning. He has specialized in game-based learning since 2010. He is the founder and CEO of the company Actee, where they have developed a digital simulation platform with users in 22 countries. Leif is a happy and experienced keynote speaker, and loves to share his thoughts on gamification and workplace learning. That's why he is in Brussels 25 oct 2018.

13h30 - 14h25: Leif Sørensen - Workplace learning to the people

First, we will have a look at the statistics and theory about learning - and we will open the door to what a lack of focus on the transfer process means. What is the value of our learning if we forget it as soon as we escape the classroom or if we don't know how to apply it in our practice? Why are we so focused on the facilitation process and less focused on what the learning can be used for in our everyday work life? With these dilemmas in mind, we will take a step into the world of online learning games. I will give the participants an introduction to 10 years of experience with developing games for organizational development and change management - here with a strong focus on how simulation games have a unique power to engage and create lasting value for the learners.

Take aways:

  • What value does games provide to L&D decisions.
  • Transfer model and how it is used in learning design using a game.
  • The value of reinforcement.

Stimulearner Helena Demuynck interviewde Leif ter voorbereiding van de L&D Talks. Het verslag staat ook in Leren & Ontwikkelen editie 10/06/18. Helena werkt met Leif samen.

The fifth keynote of the day is Donald Clark (UK). Donald is an EdTech entrepreneur and has worked in schools, vocational, higher, corporate and adult learning, delivering real projects to real learners. These include change management, strategy, tool selection, content design and build. Donald has spent his entire adult life encouraging people to use technology in learning. He has over 30 years experience in online learning, games, simulations, semantic, adaptive, social media, mobile learning, virtual reality and AI projects. He has designed, delivered and advised on online learning for many global, public and private organisations. He is an evangelist for the use of technology in learning and has won many awards. For him, it is the only solution to the long-term delivery of education on scale, to the developing and developed world. Follow @DonaldClark

14h45 - 15h40: Donald Clark - Why L&D need to know about AI

AI will change what we learn, why we learn and how we learn. Donald will take us through the learning journey showing how AI can be used in the creation of online learning, curation, learner engagement, learner support, personalisation, assessment and wellbeing.

Learning objectives:

  • What is AI
  • Why AI matters in learning
  • How it is used in learning

Stimulearner Geraldine Voost (HeidelbergCement Benelux) interviewde Donald ter voorbereiding van de L&D Talks. Het verslag lees je ook in Leren & Ontwikkelen editie 10/09/18.

The last international keynote is Shannon Tipton (USA). She knows what it takes for businesses to get real results from their training departments. Having spent more than 20 years developing successful learning strategies and infrastructures, Shannon has helped businesses to realize their full potential. Working throughout North America, Europe, and Korea, Shannon has demonstrated an unrelenting passion for enabling business to achieve applicable business results. Shannon utilizes her extensive real-world expertise and integrates 21st century learning technologies and microlearning tools that drive workplace alignment, enhance collaboration, and increase learning connectivity. She was headliner on the European ATD Summit decembre 2017. Follow @stipton on Twitter.

16h00 - 16h55: Shannon Tipton - Disruption in the Workplace

The field of performance development is changing and changing fast ~ from shattering old ideas to launching new innovations. With the Internet of Things giving us AI to AR to VR, where does workplace learning fit? How will it evolve? Disruption needs to start from somewhere, with someone. Will it be you?

The time has come to rethink how learning is co-opted into the workplace. The traditional system of workplace learning has participants compliantly sticking to scheduled curriculum that has been created without thought to the employees unique working circumstance. Our job as workplace learning professionals is to provide new and better opportunities for our people. It’s time to recognize that the "one-size fits all" approach doesn’t foster lifelong learning, encourage critical thinking, or inspire creativity—and those are the skills our people need to have to succeed in the workplace today.

Yes, there are times the rules require us stay inside the box. However, even while in the box - we can achieve great things by changing how we encourage development of critical skills and creativity.

In this session you will:

  • Connect with other innovative learning professionals
  • Recognize the strengths of your learning community
  • Create ongoing opportunities taking curiosity to the next level
  • Inspire yourself to re-engage in your lifelong learning journey
  • Most importantly find opportunities to create learning disruption in your organization

Stimulearner Eric Van Camp interviewde Shannon ter voorbereiding van de L&D Talks. Het verslag staat ook in Leren & Ontwikkelen editie 10/06/18.

De keynotes zeven, acht en negen (elk twee maal) zijn de auteurs-winnaars van het L&D/HR Boek van het jaar. Zij brengen parallel met de 6 internationale sprekers zowel in de voor als namiddag een keynote.