Op deze pagina maak je kennis met de derde 'leerlijn': de internationale keynotes die we verwachten in Brussel.

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The first international keynote is Michelle Parry-Slater (UK) is a senior learning and development business strategist, author, and organisation development practitioner. An award-winning workplace learning innovator, Fellow of the CIPD and the RSA, and listed on the 2023 HR Most Influential Thinkers list from HR Magazine UK. Michelle heads up Kairos Modern Learning, a boutique consultancy which specialises in supporting organisations embrace change for more impactful people development. Moving the profession forward, Michelle has brought her years of Learning & Development practice and consultancy to people in her book, The Learning and Development Handbook, published by Kogan Page.

Michelle is on a career mission to drive cultural shift from ‘Injection Education’ traditional courses to embrace the best of digital, social and face to face workplace learning by supporting clients to create effective, efficient, enjoyable and engaging everyday learning cultures. Michelle offers a rare mix of a practical, pragmatic people professional who really ‘gets it’ when it comes to business impact and strategy.

She will bring this keynote on this topic: CREATING A CULTURE OF LEARNING

A true learning culture is embedded in 'how we do things around here' in organisation, as a regular, habitual, every day activity. Yet the reality is for so many organisations, the only people that actually care about learning beyond compliance are the L&D team. Yet paradoxically, we are all learning all of the time. So how do you embed a learning culture in your organisation, and why would you even want or need to? In this presentation, Michelle Parry-Slater, founder of Kairos Modern Learning and author of globally renowned book, The Learning and Development Handbook, will explore the realities of how a learning culture will add value to your organisation, and how you can get even the most reluctant line manager to realise that learning as every day is as important as any other business activity. Join Michelle with your own stories, as she shares her case studies and frameworks from her book in this interactive, lively discussion on creating a learning culture. If you have any questions to pose in advance of the session, they are welcome as this is your session and Michelle is keen you get what you need. Please connect with Michelle on Linked In or Twitter @MiPS1608 to pose your questions, comments or thoughts for her to cover in the session.

The key takeaways should be:

  • A better contextual understanding of what learning culture means in your organisation
  • Practical examples of how to embed a learning culture in an organisation
  • Frameworks for producing more effective learning solutions within your organisational culture
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A second keynote is Andrew Jacobs (UK). Andrew is Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Llarn Learning. Known for innovative thinking about learning, training and technology, Andrew has significant experience in a range of roles across learning, training, talent and people development. This experience has been learnt in a range of industries in both the public and private sector, most recently in central government with HMRC and DHSC. He received the Internet Time Alliance award for his work on informal learning in July 2020 and was highly commended as part of the DHSC team at the CIPD People Management Awards in 2021. He was part of the team that won the Gold award at the 2022 Learning Awards for the work with Capita and the DHSC, and individually won the Bronze award for Learning Professional of the year at the same event.

He blogs daily at and produces the podcast Women Talking About Learning.

Andrew will bring us a keynote on this topic: EVALUATION AND USING PERFORMANCE METRICS

In this session you will:

  • Recognise the need to have principles of evaluation
  • Discover the input and output metrics and the story they tell
  • Find the outcome and impact metrics and apply them to your evaluation strategy
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Another international keynote is Teemu Patala (FIN). Teemu is a Learning Designer & Strategist with over 20 years of experience in online learning design and development. During his career he has co-founded 4 EdTech companies and worked in hundreds of online learning projects in corporate, academic and government contexts around the world. He is currently the Research Director of Context Learning & he also works as the Principal of Airport College International which provides online training for the global aviation sector. Teemu is one of the pioneers of learning design. He has conducted extensive development and research work in this field, and consulted leading national agencies and ministries in Europe, Asia and the Middle-East.


In this talk we focus on Learning Design as a method for creating impactful learning experiences in online settings. This systematic approach provides many benefits for ensuring that courses or study programs are fit for their intended use, that they engage and motivate diverse learners, and that they are implemented using the most suitable methods.

The following topics will be discussed in his session:

  • What is Learning Design and why it’s useful for L&D?
  • How to apply Learning Design principles in practice?
  • Designing hybrid learning approaches
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Tina Dreisicke (GER) works as an Agile Learning Professional towards her philosophy “Learning is like breathing”. Two hearts are beating in her chest: As an Education Scientist and Design Thinking expert, she combines lifelong learning approaches and agility in her work. For more than 10 years she has been supporting individuals, teams and organisations in creating spaces (physical and psychological) in which lasting learning processes can take place.

Tina will bring us a keynote on MOONSHOT THINKING FOR L&D

Description: We barely dare to ask: “How can we make it 10 times better?”, instead we often seek for improvements like “XYZ increase by 10 percent”. Google X's approach on innovation is bold, but we can learn a lot from it! Let’s take a closer look together at the “Moonshot process”, which is based on principles from Design Thinking. We’ll discuss (corporate) challenges and possible solutions for leveraging what John F. Kennedy started in the 1960s. With the current technological developments in the field of AI, there could be no better time for thinking big and radically innovate from an L&D perspective.

What you will learn:

  • What is Moonshot Thinking and why is it useful?
  • How does the innovation process look like?
  • What do you need in order to get started?
  • Which challenges you might face and how to overcome them?
  • How to think big :)
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Academic-turn-consultant Dr. Stella Lee (CAN) is an ed-tech strategist, international speaker, startup advisor, LinkedIn Learning instructor, and technology columnist for the Training Industry Magazine. She is the founder of Paradox Learning Inc., a boutique consulting firm based in Calgary, Canada. With over 20 years of experience in digital learning, Stella combines her passion, academic background, and knowledge in visual art, human-computer interaction, adult education, and computer science with her unique global insights for her work with clients such as the United Nations, Asian Development Bank, The Open University, Government of Yukon, WorkSafeBC, TransLink, and InnoEnergy.

Still firmly keeping one foot in academia, Stella continues to research, collaborate, mentor, and teach with universities and institutions worldwide. Stella’s research interests include AI applications for education, ed-tech ethics, personalized and adaptive learning systems, and learning analytics.


Join us as we set off on an exploration of the game-changing potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in the world of Learning and Development. As the dynamics of work continue to evolve at a breathtaking pace, it is pertinent for us to adapt our L&D strategies. The secret sauce? AI. Through its ability to predict skills gaps, shape up-to-the-minute workforce strategies, and craft highly tailored learning experiences, AI is no less than a catalyst for L&D transformation.

In this keynote, we'll explore practical case studies where AI is already reshaping L&D. We'll delve into how it automate and streamline L&D workflow, personalizes learning, anticipates future skills requirements, and provides a scalable solution to training needs. Moreover, we'll explore the fascinating role of AI in driving career growth by equipping employees not just for today's tasks but also for the challenges of tomorrow's workplace.

Navigating this brave new world isn't without its hurdles, but we'll share with you our insights and lessons learned along the way, providing a comprehensive view of the intersection of AI, L&D, and workforce empowerment.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the transformative role of AI in redefining the L&D landscape, and its potential to empower the workforce of tomorrow.
  • Discover how AI can help identify and bridge skills gaps while keeping an eye on the evolving skills market, offering a forward-thinking approach to workforce development
  • Explore practical examples of AI adoption in L&D, highlighting workflow automation, personalized learning experiences, and data-driven career progression strategies.
  • Learn about the challenges faced and lessons learned from AI implementation in L&D, providing a practical guide for those eager to tap into the potential of this disruptive technology.

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The sixth keynote is Zsolt Olah (USA). Zsolt is a Sr. Learning Technologist at Amazon with 20 years of corporate learning and development experience in the intersection of technology, digital learning, and creative storytelling with data. He’s a frequent speaker at national (DevLearn, ATD International Conference & Expo, TechKnowledge) and international learning conferences; blogger at, and author of an ATD@Work publication, Game Thinking: From Content to Action, a guide to using game thinking for problem-solving. Zsolt is an advisory board member on the Workforce Development Edtech Board along with a group of Chief Learning Officers, practitioners, and academics looking at where L&D is heading in the future. Previously, he worked as a Digital Learning & Experience Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS). In his free time, Zsolt has also published a book, written two screenplays, completed the HarvardX Data Science certification, and played mostly mediocre soccer.

Zsolt Olah will bring us a keynote on DATA LITERACY BASICS FOR LEARNING

Data literacy is the ability to read, work with, analyze, and communicate with data. The Human Impact of Data Literacy report, a study recently commissioned by Accenture and Qlik, revealed that only 21% of the global working population reported they are fully confident in their data literacy skills. While becoming "fluent" in data, the language of information is a long journey, this session focuses on the basics of data literacy skills for learning professionals using the 4C's (curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and culture/context). During the session, we'll explore a fictitious company's pilot results on a gameboard to decide the fate of the project. This is a hands-on session that involves dashboards, cards, and lots of arguments about data.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how to apply the 4C's in any data-driven learning project
  • Bust 5 of the common myths about data, information, and insights in L&D
  • Read, analyze, communicate, and influence using data
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