Het programma van donderdag 15/10/20 is nog niet afgewerkt

Nieuw in de 2020-editie is dat het aantal keynotes uitgebreid wordt naar 2 keer 12. Zoals je ondertussen gewoon bent lieten we internationale domein-autoriteiten overvliegen. Dit jaar zijn het er 9 ipv 6. We vullen aan met de 3 winnaars van de publieksprijs op Proeverijen, uw L&D Festival.

Meer info volgt uiteraard nog.

The first international keynote is Katrina Marie Baker (USA) works for Adobe as a Senior Learning Evangelist. Her independently operated consulting firm, Resources of Fun Learning, has advised organizations in aerospace, construction, healthcare, legal, retail, technology, and transportation. Katrina speaks frequently and maintains YouTube channel Learn Tech Collective. She has authored books LMS Success (2018), The LMS Selection Checklist (2018), and Corporate Training Tips & Tricks (2017). Katrina is a former Director of Technology with the Association for Talent Development. She has worked in global training capacities for Fortune 500 retailer Whole Foods Market, and Global 100 law firms Cooley LLP and Latham & Watkins LLP. Previously, Katrina worked in music and video production for clients such as Disney Channel and Adult Swim.

09h05-10h00: Katrina Marie Baker: 15 Ways to Market Your Training Program & Learning Tech

Trying to get your learners’ attention? You may have the world’s best training program, but that doesn’t mean much if your learners don’t show up for class! Join Katrina Marie Baker for fun, simple ideas that ensure learners are as excited as we are about learning and development.

This 60 minute session provides fifteen tips that will help you:

  • Reach learners who are geographically dispersed, incredibly busy, or in need of individualized coaching
  • Introduce new learning technology, such as a learning management system, in a way that is engaging and beneficial to your overall training program
  • Creatively promote learning and development within your organization
  • Use cases, best practices, and humor included free of charge.

Lees het interview 'From top-down to bottom-up' die Stimulearner Winnie Valbracht had met Katrina in 'Leren & Ontwikkelen' 10/06/19.

The second keynote is Jérôme Wargnier (FR). He is an expert in the fields of Learning & Development, Jerome Wargnier has authored numerous articles and is a regular guest speaker at international conferences. The major evolutions of today’s workplace and their impact on the L&D practice are the source of his unquenchable professional passion.

As CEO of Alberon Partners, Jerome is supporting organizations in defining their L&D Strategies, designing and implementing learning solutions that are flexible, engaging and delivering immediate and practical applications.

10h20-11h15: Jérôme Wargnier: L&D Performance: From Promise to Proof

Our sponsors don’t need trained people, they need effective teams. In times where the new rule is “More with Less”, demonstrating the impact of training on strategy and results is imperative for defending our budgets and strengthening our positioning.

Based on concrete cases, we will see how to change the game by…

  • Contracting with our sponsors
  • Making engaging and realistic promises
  • Letting the numbers do the talking

Stimulearner Serge Lanhove heeft een interview met Jérôme afgenomen voor Apprndre et se Déveloopper editie 10/09/19. Het interview is voor jullie vertaald naar het Engels.

Third keynote Laura Overton (UK) is an award winning learning analyst and author with a 30 year history of exploring how learning innovation leads to business impact. As the former CEO and founder of Towards Maturity Laura has authored over 40 reports. Her work combines evidence based practice from around the globe with practical experience in implementing innovative learning strategies for business advantage.

In the UK, Laura is an Academic Fellow of the CIPD and a fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute. In February 2010, she was the first woman to be awarded the Learning and Performance Institute’s prestigious Colin Corder Award for services to training and was the recipient of the inaugural elearning age Special Achievement award at the 2012 elearning awards. In 2018 she was voted the most influential person in corporate elearning in the globe and the top UK listed person (a position held since 2014). Follow @lauraoverton on Twitter.

11h35--12h30: Laura Overton : The Future of L&D – what role do you need to play?

Change! This volatile, uncertain, continuous ambiguous world of work has meant that learning leaders around the globe have an incredible chance to unlock potential, prioritising humanity in a digital landscape.

To do this, learning professionals are faced with the challenge to become more agile, more digital and more relevant than ever before., whilst continuing to maintain a service. It is no wonder that the most pressing concern facing Industry leaders is that that that we are overwhelmed and under skilled.

This session will take learning leaders on a journey of discovery – laying out evidenced based foundations to help establish a new vision for learning that individuals can confidently own to establish a relevant future.

Learning objectives. This session will cover:

  • What does the future hold for L&D?
  • What, if anything can the last 15 years of L&D teach us about our role in the future?
  • What do we need to take into our future?
  • What do we need to leave behind?

Lees het interview 'L&D kan met innovatie het verschil maken' die Stimulearner Jen Deneckere had met Laura in 'Leren & Ontwikkelen' 10/09/19. Jen heeft haar persoonlijk ontmoet tijdens het Festival of Work in London.

is The fourth keynote of the day is Nick Shackleton-Jones (UK). Nick is the author of How People Learn (Kogan Page) and the winner of several awards for people development strategy, innovation, and learning content, including the Learning & Performance Institute’s Award for Services to the Learning Industry, 2017.

Responsible for coining the ‘courses to resources’ shift, the affective context model of learning, and introducing the 5Di approach to user-centered learning design, Nick has a track record of shaping future learning approaches for numerous public and private organisations. He began his professional life as a psychology lecturer, since worked in consultancy, Siemens, BBC & BP in roles encompassing learning strategy, culture, leadership, innovation, technology & multimedia. Always provocative, nick is well-known in the corporate learning industry for ground-breaking work & thinking.

13h30-14h25: Nick Shackleton-Jones: How To Be a Good Lobster: Why You Should Ditch Education and Do Learning Instead

Around the world, organisations spend an estimated $400 billion dollars a year on training, with very little evidence that any of it is effective. While the world has moved on, education has largely stayed the same: a set of conventions designed more around obedience and childcare than learning; a world of rituals than do little for performance and engagement.

Even before the advent of mobile devices, the vast majority of employee learning took place outside our formal training mechanisms – and now most of us are using WhatsApp, Google, YouTube to get what we need, when we need it. Who needs ‘content dumping’ in a world where information is readily available, after all?

‘Learning & Development’ is rapidly becoming obsolete – a camouflage for regulatory compliance or sanctioned downtime. A quaint vestige from the past. But even as educational fundamentalists circle the dying embers of training orthodoxy the stirrings of something new promise to rise phoenix-like from the ashes.

What if we were able to help people perform – even if that meant eliminating learning? In a world of AI, who will design performance guidance systems? How do we design a learning ecosystem in which people are challenged and recognised for their accomplishments?

In this session we will describe a different future, a new role for the learning professional, an alternate model of learning.

We will:

  • Challenge our assumptions around learning
  • See examples of very different solutions to business problems
  • Understand the transformative shift that we will need to undergo if we are to survive

Lees het verslag over de sessie 'Gamify Your Learning' (pag. 5) tijdens het Festival of Work in London waar ook Stimulearner Eric Van Camp bij was. Het sfeerverslag staat ook in 'Leren & Ontwikkelen' 10/09/19.

The fifth keynote of the day is Eran Gal (ISR). Dr. Eran Gal is an e-learning and learning innovation expert with over 19 years of experience in applying cross-company technology-based learning solutions. Following 6 years as an e-learning director for a leading mobile company, Dr. Gal today acts as a consultant enabling companies to reach business goals by applying innovative learning solutions .Dr. Gal is a senior faculty member at the Instructional Technologies Faculty at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT). Dr. Gal teaches learning design an innovation. He also oversees the research of the M.A department. The program initiates 10-15 empirical researches each year in the Israeli learning/training industry.

14h45-15h40: Eran Gal : The new Landscape of Learning Technologies

This session will explore the emerging substitutions of the traditional Learning systems and allow participants to review the wide landscape of solutions evadible today while considering their specific needs and learner's/employees attributes.

We will explore the trends of modern learning and how they affect the new breed of learning systems:

  • Personalization
  • Micro Learning
  • Gamification
  • Curation
  • User Experience
  • Open Learning
  • Mobile and Social Applications
  • Talent Development
The session will include a wide range of demonstrations of solutions available on the market today from "New Gen LMSs" to LEXs (Learning Experience Platforms), Micro Learning Platforms to Content Curation solutions and many more.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain insights as to the proper digital learning platform that best serves your organization
  • Understand the reasons for technological and conceptual changes in digital learning platforms
  • Be familiar with common and emerging solutions for digital learning (authoring, curating and management).

Lees het interview 'Insights from L&D Multi Talent dr. Eran Gal' die Ger Driesen met Eran had n.a.v. zijn trip naar Brussel. Bedankt Ger!

The last international keynote Patti Shank (USA) is an internationally-known workplace learning expert, instructional designer, researcher, and author who is regularly listed as one of the most influential people in e-learning internationally.

Patti speaks regularly at training and learning technology conferences and is the author of Write and Organize for Deeper Learning, Practice and Feedback for Deeper Learning, and Manage Memory for Deeper Learning. These books offer practical tactics for improving outcomes based on training and other research and are available on Amazon internationally.

She was the research director for the eLearning Guild and an award-winning contributing editor for Online Learning Magazine. Her current articles are found in the ATD Science of Learning and Senior Leaders Blogs, eLearning Industry, and elsewhere. Patti completed her Ph.D. at the University of Colorado, Denver. Her research on new online learners won an EDMEDIA best research paper award.

She is passionate and outspoken about the results needed from instructional design and instruction and engaged in improving instructional design practices and instructional outcomes.

Follow @pattishank on Twitter.

16h00-16h55: Patti Shank : The Science of Training

What science foundations do people who design and implement workplace learning use to assure good outcomes? Ask learning practitioners this question and blank stares are a typical reply. Learning professionals too often know little about the foundations of effective training practice.

If we look at good outcomes in other fields, it's clear that science foundations are the reason. For example, carpenters' use mathematics such as addition, subtraction, and geometry for measuring and assuring good fit. Physics for creating stable and strong structures. Wood science to select the right wood for a given purpose.

The consequences of not applying needed science are dire: Training doesn't offer needed results and wastes resources. Job performance remains unimproved. Unacceptable!

In this keynote, Patti Shank, PhD, author of three books on the practical application of sciences for better outcomes, will discuss the sciences we must apply and offer practical suggestions for applying it. Participants will learn:

In this session you will:

  • Which fields of research inform good training practice and how they help
  • Specifics of how research helps us get better training outcomes
  • Where to go to find practical research tactics

Lees het interview 'Managing Memory fo deeper learning' die Merel Barendsen had met Patti in 'Leren & Ontwikkelen' 10/06/19.

De 6 nationale keynotes zijn de winnaars van het Proeverijen, uw L&D Festival 2018. Zij brengen parallel met de 6 internationale sprekers elk een keynote.

  • 09h05-9h55 : Anja Moortgat - Coach je medewerkers in 5 minuten

    De meeste professionals zijn ondertussen gelukkig overtuigd van het nut van coaching. Toch krijgen we van onze klanten regelmatig de opmerking dat er te weinig tijd voor is.

    Heb je het idee dat coaching veel tijd vraagt? Dat je er door de hectiek van het werk vaak niet aan toe komt? Wij hebben ervaren dat je op een paar minuten tijd al heel wat kan bereiken. Je medewerkers voelen zich begrepen en gehoord, en zullen zich verder kunnen ontwikkelen. Dat is meteen ook goed nieuws voor het bedrijf zelf. In deze sessie leren we je graag hoe je op 5 minuten tijd je medewerkers al op weg helpt.

    Na deze keynote:

    • Is de drempel om te coachen verlaagd.
    • Heb je inzicht in een praktische gespreksstructuur die je kan gebruiken tijdens gesprekken.
    • Kan je snel en ontspannen connectie maken met je gesprekspartner.

  • 10h20-11h15: Erik Roger - Waardoor inspirerende leiders zich onderscheiden

    We verkennen deze vragen voor beginnende en medior/senior leiders.

    • Wat zijn de belangrijkste uitdagingen voor leiders?
    • Waarom zijn er te weinig ‘ready now’ leiders?
    • Wat voor resultaten behalen inspirerende leiders, welke acties ondernemen ze, hoe denken ze en hoe onderscheiden ze zich door wie ze zijn?
    • Wat zijn de 4 essentiële rollen van leiderschap?

  • 11h35-12h30 : Vincent De Corte - Shift Happens: Are you change ready?

    Vincent is een expert in people management, effectiviteit & communicatie. Zijn seminaries hebben een praktische invalshoek omdat hij meer dan 15 jaar ervaring heeft en zelf oprichter en eigenaar is van twee bedrijven en zo dagelijks de werkelijkheid ervaart. Wie Vincent aan het werk zag, kent hem als een enthousiaste, innemende en overtuigende spreker die u vol energie en goesting de zaal uit laat gaan.

    Dit mag u verwachten:

    • Er is 1 constante vandaag: constante verandering. Een analyse van uw denk- en doe patronen.
      • Hoe kan je de plasticiteit van uw brein beter benutten?
      • Wie zijn de nieuwe ‘rijken’ en de toekomstige ‘armen’ onder de professionals?
    • De spanning die verandering veroorzaakt tussen de rol van Directeur – Manager – operationele medewerkers|arbeiders
      • De dynamiek tussen de rollen beter begrijpen.
      • Hoe omgaan met de verschillende verwachtingen van elke rol?
    • Waar sta jij vandaag? Leer je change-ready state op te zoeken, te ontwikkelen & te bewaren.

  • 13h30-14h25 : Koen Joly - Vergaderen is saai. Of hoe je van je vergaderingen energiebommetjes kan maken

    Vergaderingen zijn echt de moeite waard wanneer er zaken gebeuren die goesting geven en energie om er de komende tijd weer in te vliegen. Te vaak kijken we echter op tegen vergaderingen. We zien ze eerder als tijdverlies dan als meerwaarde.

    Tijdens deze keynote gaan we samen op zoek naar wanneer deze vergaderingen energie geven en hoe we ervoor kunnen zorgen dat dit elke keer voor elke aanwezige het geval wordt.

    Op het einde heb je een aantal concrete tools mee om aan de slag te gaan in de vergaderingen waar je zelf deel van uitmaakt.

    • Je krijgt inspiratie over hoe je met kleine ingrepen vergaderingen verrassend en boeiend kan maken.
    • Je kan dit meteen toepassen in je eigen vergaderingen.
    • Je krijgt goesting om er meteen mee te gaan experimenteren.

  • 14h45-15h40 : Erika Wyckmans - De kracht van informeel leren

    Informeel leren lijkt wel het buzz woord van de afgelopen jaren. Stilaan maar zeker krijgt het begrip meer ruimte in de bedrijfswereld en wordt concreet nagedacht over hoe informeel leren de kracht van formeel leren kan versterken en maximaliseren. Wat is het precies, hoe breng je informeel leren actief in je organisatie en hoe zorg je als HR-professional voor een gezonde balans tussen formeel en informeel leren? Na deze sessie:

    • Neem je veel concrete en direct toepasbare tips mee.
    • Weet je hoe een leerklimaat kan installeren.
    • Leer je hoe medewerkers de stap kunnen, willen en mogen zetten naar duurzame gedragswijziging.

  • 16h00-16h55 : Tom Nijsmans - Critical skills for the future & the impact on Learning & Development

    Dat de arbeidsmarkt davert onder een veelheid van veranderingen moeten we jou als L&D professional niet uitleggen. Zowel de vorm als de inhoud van het concept ‘werk’ krijgt een hele nieuwe betekenis. Digitale en biologische vooruitgang zorgen er voor dat onze jobinhoud én de werkplek anders wordt ingericht. Bovendien kent de betekenis die we aan werk geven grove transformaties. Maar welke concrete vaardigheden winnen in deze ‘vernieuwde’ arbeidsmarkt aan belang? En hoe kan ik hier als L&D professional op inspelen?

    Wij gingen op pad om dit te onderzoeken! Tijdens deze keyynote vatten wij 149 wetenschappelijke artikels, 26 interviews met business professionals en 7 maanden onderzoek samen om de volgende vragen te beantwoorden:

    • Zijn soft skills wel belangrijk in een digitale wereld?
    • Welke zijn de belangrijkste vaardigheden anno 2019?
    • Is er een verschil met deze van 2025?