Wij bouwen heden hard aan het programma van 24/10/19. Onderstaande sprekers werden reeds geboekt. Suggesties welkom !

De info hieronder betreft het event 2018.

Zes domein-autoriteiten en niet zómaar interessante sprekers. Mensen mét inhoud, achtergrond én lef. Bovendien kies je een gratis boek uit onze L&D-bibliotheek als je inschrijft voor 21/09. Een buitenkansje dus!

De masterclasses gaan net als de keynotes door in FOD Bosa te Brussel. De masterclasses gaan allen door in het Engels. Er zijn er drie in de voormiddag en drie in de namiddag.

Voormiddag 09h00-12h30: Shannon Tipton - Microlearning: Creating Impactful Just-In-Time Training - SOLD OUT

Our role in today's modern learning age is to reach the person in the workplace and supply them with the knowledge and information needed to get the job done – when they need it, and when the business needs them to have it. The challenge, however, is how to start and make changes to accelerate learning in micro ways and stop pushing content production.

Enter microlearning. Too often learning solutions are solely focused on the classroom activities or complicated elearning modules when an immediate solution is required. The time is ripe to be in the position to help and remove barriers to training success. Rapid business change, popularity of mobile devices, the advances in technology are creating favorable environments for microlearning.

Be the L&D department that truly supports the needs of the business and the worker, making you a business partner and a credible resource for your organization. Knowing how to plan, create and implement performance support tools and microlearning content should be the goal of the modern learning professional. It's time to take learning to the next level.

Using the Learning Rebels 3D model for microlearning, this workshop will give you the critical information and tools you need to rapidly build effective and sustainable microlearning content.

Here important questions will be answered:

  1. What is micro-learning?
  2. How can microlearning be applied in your organization?
  3. How microlearning can support the adult psychological learning process
  4. When would a microlearning element be deemed appropriate?
  5. What tools do I need to make microlearning happen for the people in my business?
  6. How to support your macro content with microlearning elements.
When a webinar, classroom or elearning course isn't the answer to the question, micro-learning as a performance support tool may be the answer.

Learning Objectives:

  • The participant will leave the workshop with the confidence to talk with leadership about microlearning and how the modality can be used to augment training initiatives.
  • The participant will leave being able to apply a microlearning strategy within their organizations. Specifically applying 3D framework of microlearning: "Discover, Develop, and Deliver”.
  • The participant will leave with tools, checklists, and templates to be able to create microlearning content and objects related to video, audio, and other virtual media.

Voormiddag 09h00-12h30: Leif Sørensen - Yes, we can all build learning games.

First, we will play a short online learning game from Actee's simulation game portfolio. Everybody in the room will be involved in an organizational change process to be challenged on their own way of handling the situation. With this experience as a backdrop for further discussion, we will take a look at four dimensions to consider when designing an effective learning game: business, implementation, games and design. The participants will leave with a clear understanding of what an effective learning game is and what value a good learning game can give. Furthermore, this will give the participants a hands-on approach to develop their own learning games.

Take Aways:

  • Knowledge about a workshop process using a game as foundation for learning.
  • What does a game do to a learning situation. .
  • How can you develop a game yourself.

Voormiddag 09h00-12h30: Donald Clark - Choosing and using AI to deliver learning

AI is many things and Donald will show you some services that can be used in L&D to deliver learning services.

Learning objectives:

  • AI to create and curate learning
  • AI and chatbots
  • AI and assessment

Namiddag 13h30-17h00: Andy Lancaster - Learning that drives performance: learn to get learning closer to the business - SOLD OUT

Performance and productivity, no matter what business or sector you work in, are two words that are likely to keep senior managers awake at night. The question of how to improve at what you do is no longer option if your organisation wants to survive.

A fresh approach to organisational learning is a key part of the solution.

However, performance and productivity that are driven by learning cannot be based on an old paradigm where staff attend an occasional face-to-face course but must be through learning that takes place at the heart of a business on a daily basis.

This workshop explores ways in which learning can be closer to the business to provide support that genuinely drives performance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define an L&D delivery spectrum from being a supplier to performance partner
  • Explore the latest research findings on learning and performance
  • Define key L&D team behaviours and approaches that drive business performance
  • Understand new L&D performance related roles and their relevance to our context
  • Apply key skills and behaviours used in a performance consulting process

Namiddag 13h30-17h00: Jo Cook - Designing and Delivering in the Virtual Classroom

Join Virtual Classroom and Webinar expert Jo Cook to explore getting ready for the virtual classroom. From selecting software, designing the learner journey and individual sessions, through to facilitation and making sure your trainers are ready, Jo will share best practices and ensure that you have hands on activities to get to grips with the topic.

Just like all of her webinars and virtual classroom sessions, this will be highly interactive and applicable to your own journey. Through Jo's company, Lightbulb Moment, attendees to the Masterclass will also get free access for three months to her Mentoring Webinars community and programme.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Decide whether the webinar or virtual classroom approach is the best live online solution
  • Utilise current skills and identify the new ones you need for designing and delivering excellent live online sessions
  • Deconstruct your face to face activities and rebuild them for online interactivity

Namiddag 13h30-17h00: Maike Küper - Interactive Design Thinking Course: learn about user centricity, agility and creativity

We will work on a Design Thinking challenge where you will run through the whole process, from understanding the problem to a tangible prototype. You will get first-hand experience of how to apply methods of user research, sense-making and ideation. Furthermore, some examples from various industries and departments will show how to apply the elements of Design Thinking to your particular challenges.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Know and explain the core elements of Design Thinking
  • Apply a user-centric mindset to your challenges
  • Do rapid ideation and prototyping.